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🌟 Create Engagement and Corporate Culture: Are you ready to take the next step in your company’s development? Investing in your customers, employees, and partners in a unique and different way is the key to a strong corporate culture and a successful business. By choosing Steven&Friends for your corporate and conference trips, you take the first step towards creating an engaged and cohesive team.

🩓 Tanzania Aafari – an Unparalleled Experience: Our trips will take you to the most exciting destinations in Tanzania, allowing you to blend extraordinary experiences with team-building and meaningful conversations. Whether it’s enjoying a lunch in a fantastic outdoor setting, testing your senses during a safari, or exploring other exciting activities curated by our travel experts, we’ve got it all covered.

🌍 Create Focused Community: When you step away from the noise and distractions of everyday life, you create a unique environment for building strong relationships and deepening your understanding of your surroundings. A safari not only allows you to learn more about the world around you but also to discover new aspects of yourselves.

Invite your employees and valuable customers to an unforgettable experience that benefits not only your company but also the people who make a living from tourism in Tanzania. Traveling with Steven&Friends is an investment in your future and your partnerships – it’s a journey that changes perspectives and opens doors to new opportunities.

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Unika upplevelser

VĂ€ljer du nĂ„gon av vĂ„ra specialresor Ă€r du sjĂ€lv med och utformar din resa genom att vĂ€lja nĂ„gon eller nĂ„gra av nedanstĂ„ende upplevelser till programmet. I viss mĂ„n kan unika upplevelser Ă€ven lĂ€ggas till ett kombinationspaket. En del av upplevelserna ingĂ„r ocksĂ„ redan i vĂ„ra paket. Skriv i fĂ€ltet â€Ă¶vriga önskemĂ„l” i offertförfrĂ„gan vilka upplevelser du Ă€r intresserad av.

Besök i en massajby

Att besöka en massajby Àr en chans att fÄ en inblick i detta folks fascinerande traditioner och livsstil. Det brukar ocksÄ finnas möjlighet att köpa lokalt, traditionellt hantverk. Kostnaden för ett besök brukar vara ca 50 USD/bil.


TÀnk dig att ljudlöst glida fram en bit över marken medan solen stiger över horisonten och savannen vaknar till en ny dag. En luftballongsafari Àr en unik upplevelse och ett fantastiskt minne att dela med ditt resesÀllskap. HÀr kan du i lugn och ro betrakta djuren frÄn ovan utan att de tar nÄgon notis om dig. Flera av Tanzanias parker erbjuder luftballongsafari, bland annat Serengeti.

SafariÀventyr pÄ natten

Att uppleva djurlivet i nationalparkerna efter mörkrets inbrott Àr nÄgot helt annat Àn safariturer i dagsljus. MÄnga djur Àr mer aktiva efter att solen gÄtt ner, och under en nattsafari fÄr du en unik möjlighet att uppleva hur naturen vaknar till liv medan mörkret faller. I takt med att ditt synfÀlt begrÀnsas kommer du att bli alltmer medveten om hur övriga sinnesintryck förstÀrks. Kan du höra flodhÀstarna nÀr de vÀltrar sig i vattnet? KÀnner du lukten av elefanterna som nyss korsat vÀgen framför dig?

Utflykter pÄ Zanzibar

Det fascinerande Stone Town med sin spÀnnande historia och kultur Àr vÀl vÀrd ett besök. Och varför inte göra ett stopp pÄ vÀgen och besöka öns berömda kryddodlingar. FrÄn Stone Town kan du sedan ta bÄten till Prison Island och se de stora sköldpaddorna som lever dÀr. VÀljer du en kryddtur fÄr du inte bara doftminnen av vanilj, kanel och muskot utan ocksÄ en fin lektion i öns historia. 

Simma med delfiner eller prova pÄ dykning

PÄ Zanzibar har du inte bara möjlighet att möta djurlivet pÄ land, utan Àven i havet. FrÄga Àven pÄ ditt hotell om de olika unika upplevelser som finns.

VĂ„ra andra erbjudanden

Types of accommodation

In Zanzibar you stay at a hotel; during your safari you stay at a lodge or a tented lodge.

A lodge is a wilderness hotel located in close proximity to animals and nature. You will have you own room with a private shower and toilet. Meals are provided by the lodge. There are often social areas where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings. Some places offer different facilities such as a pool.

A tented lodge differs from a lodge in that your “room” consists of a large tent, which gives more of a genuine wilderness experience. The tent has a private shower and toilet and is furnished as a room, with a bed and possibly other furniture. .

You can choose between the following comfort levels: .


The hotels and safari lodges in this category are nice, comfortable and affordable. Private toilet and shower are standard even on this level. All accommodations are carefully selected by Steven&Friends to offer the perfect balance between price and quality. .

Meals: Full board on safari and half board on Zanzibar. .

Comfort Plus

The hotels and safari lodges in this category are of a very high standard. All accommodations are carefully selected and verified by Steven&Friends to ensure they live up to our high standards of comfort and service.

Meals: Full board on safari and on Zanzibar.


In this category you will find the most exclusive hotels and safari lodges. All accommodations are carefully selected and verified by Steven&Friends to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Meals: Full board on safari and on Zanzibar.

Boka en kostnadsfri personlig rÄdgivning

Steven&Friends erbjuder 30 minuters kostnadsfri personlig telefonrÄdgivning nÀr du bokar via oss. Passa pÄ att fÄ experthjÀlp med dina frÄgor och vÀrdefull kunskap inför resan. Det skapar trygghet och hjÀlper dig att fÄ ut det mesta av din upplevelse!