Steven&Friends Terms of Use

1. How Our Service Works

The service available on the website, hereinafter “our Service”, is owned and operated by Steven&Friends, registered in Sweden with VAT no SE559113722801, hereinafter “we” or “us”. Our Service is a web-based service that helps individuals and companies (“users”) to find tours and activities in Tanzania, including Zanzibar. Our Service is always free of charge for the User, and the User is never obliged to select any of the companies they come in contact with through our Service.

When a User submits an inquiry to us, this inquiry is sent to one of our tour operators. The tour operator sends us a quote, which we forward to the User. If the User wishes to proceed with the quote, the User’s contact information is shared with the tour operator. Once our tour operator has received the User’s contact information, it is up to these two parties to proceed in their respective activities without us being responsible for the further process. We guarantee that our selected tour operators are the only ones that are able to answer to the User’s inquiry.

2. Tour Operators

We cooperate with tour operators who provide safari adventure and sun holiday services in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

3. Our Discharge from Liability

We are not part of or legal party to the business agreements entered into between users and our partners. This means that our Service cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may arise between User and Partner, such as misunderstandings in agreements, disagreements regarding the work, damage or non-payment. The User has no right to claim compensation from our Service for financial or other damage which has arisen as a result of circumstances attributable to our Service, such as incorrect information, poorly performed work or suspension from our Service.

4. Inquiries on Our Service and Obligation to Comply with Swedish Law, etc.

Our Service has no responsible publisher, and each User who chooses to send an inquiry to our Service is responsible criminally for the material. The material must not be misleading and must otherwise be in accordance with Swedish law and applicable rules. Users must behave in a professional and considerate manner on our Service, which means, among other things, that offensive material may not be published on our Service.

Material published by a User on our Service must not be disloyal to the activities of our Service. Misuse of the features of our Service is strictly prohibited, including attempts to break security barriers, the spreading of viruses, the use of other people’s login credentials, or the destruction in various ways of other users’ or companies’ use of our Service. In cases where a User takes actions with the aim of degrading our Service, destroying the reputation of our Service or misleading the company of our Service, for instance by making repeated requests, making inquiries as a company with the aim of comparing the price of their own company’s service, or creating several users and making requests without interest in booking a trip with any of our partners, our service has the right, in addition to suspending the User, to receive from the User damages corresponding to a cost-indexed basic amount according to the Swedish Act (1962: 381) on General Insurance (Lagen om allmän försäkring) or, if the damage is greater than that, the amount at which the damage is calculated. Any User of our Service is obliged to take reasonable steps to search for and remove viruses or other things with destructive properties, before material is transferred to our Service.

5. Information about Our Service

We work actively to ensure that the information published on our Service is correct but cannot guarantee this. Users do not have the right to make financial demands on our Service in cases where there is information on our Service that is not correct.

6. Liberating Circumstances

We are exempt from penalty for failure to fulfil certain obligations if the failure can be attributed to a so-called liberating circumstance. Liberating circumstances shall be considered, among other things, government action or omission, new or amended legislation, staff resignation, illness or other impairment of work ability, death, conflict in the labour market, blockade, fire, flood, loss or destruction of data or property of material importance or accident of a larger scale.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

We have the right to use texts, logos, images and other material published by a User on our Service. However, ownership of this intellectual property rights remains with the User. Other material, such as texts, graphics, images and logos found on the website is owned by us and is protected by copyright law and other intellectual property laws such as the Swedish Trademark Act (Varumärkeslagen). Furthermore, the database of our Service as such is protected under copyright law.

8. Sanctions

We have the right, without stating the reasons, to suspend from our Service Users who violate Swedish law or who otherwise do not meet these general terms and conditions. We have the right to refuse publication or remove published material if it is perceived as offensive or inappropriate in relation to the activities of our Service. In case of less serious violations of these rules, a warning is issued. In case of repeated violations or serious violations of the rules, the User may be suspended with immediate effect. In case information posted by a User on our Service should make us liable for damages, the User is obliged to hold us harmless or compensate us for the damage incurred.

9. Changes

We have the right to change these general terms and conditions without prior notice, either on our own or if required by laws and regulations. Users are encouraged to continuously consult these Terms and Conditions.

10. Applicable Law – Dispute

Disputes arising from these terms of use shall be settled in general court with the Stockholm District Court as the first instance. Swedish law shall apply.

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