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About Tanzania

Tanzania is located on the eastern coast of Africa, just south of the equator. With a surface area of more than 940,000 km², the country is more than twice as large as Sweden.

In everyday speech, Tanzania and Zanzibar are often referred to as two separate entities, with Tanzania referring to the mainland—the former Tanganyika—and Zanzibar to the island located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast. In fact, however, both Zanzibar and the mainland of Tanzania belong to the Union of Tanzania. So even if you go to Zanzibar, you are still in Tanzania.

When To Visit Tanzania?

You can visit Tanzania all year round and regardless of when you choose to travel, you will have many amazing experiences with nature and animals as well as a wonderful sun and beach holiday, guaranteed!

Tanzania is in the East African Time Zone (EAT) which corresponds to GMT +3

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Tanzania?

You can have a wonderful safari experience in Tanzania all year round. Most tourists visit the country in February, July–August and during Christmas and New Year. April–May is the rainy season. It can also be a bit rainy in November with mainly showers that are quickly followed by sun, but this does not prevent safari adventures.

The Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro

The best time to climb or hike up Mount Kilimanjaro is January–March and September–October.

The Best Time for a Paradise Holiday in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an excellent holiday destination all year round. Here, the water temperature is always around 27 degrees Celcius. The beaches are white, the sea is turquoise and perfect for all lovers of the sun and the sea.

You can expect average day temperatures of 25–32 degrees and average night temperatures of 20–26 degrees.

January–February, June–October and December are popular for visits.

April–May is the rainy season. It can also be a bit rainy in November, with showers that are quickly followed by sun, but this does not prevent tourist activities and swimming.

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Tanzania?

Visitors to Tanzania must have a valid visa. You can apply and pay electronically via Tanzania’s official application form, which can be found at Remember to make the application well in advance, preferably 4 weeks before departure.

For those who travel from Sweden, Tanzania’s embassy in Stockholm has more information on its website

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