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Jambo, I’m Steven, the CEO and Founder of Steven&Friends!

The name Steven originates from an ancient Greek word meaning “surrounding and honoring,” reflecting our inclusive and community-centered values.

Join our community—a space where travel transcends the ordinary. With Steven&Friends, every journey becomes an opportunity for connection, learning, and growth. We’re more than just a travel company; it’s a community of like-minded individuals united by a shared love for exploration and discovery.

While I now reside in Sweden, Tanzania remains my second home—a place that holds a special significance in my heart. Despite living abroad, my connection to Tanzania continues to inspire me. I’m dedicated to showcasing its beauty and creating unforgettable experiences for travelers like you.

My team and I are here to assist you every step of the way. At Steven&Friends, we’re committed to providing personalized service, expert guidance, and unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

Let’s explore, learn, and grow together.

Karibu Tanzania!

About the Company

Steven&Friends is your trusted partner for unforgettable safari tours and sun holidays in Tanzania and Zanzibar. With our deep-rooted local knowledge and years of experience, we specialize in crafting tailor-made journeys and curated packages, offering you the flexibility to create your ideal travel experience.

We have excellent collaboration with well-established companies that offer different services, enhancing the variety and quality of your travel options.

We understand that every traveler is unique, which is why we prioritize personalized service to ensure your adventure with us is exceptional. Whether you desire a custom itinerary tailored to your interests or a carefully curated package with must-see highlights, we’ve got you covered.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the open savannah, cultural visits, and encounters with Africa’s wildlife on our carefully handpicked tours. Then, unwind and relax on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, with its crystal-clear waters and swaying palm trees.

Environmental sustainability and quality are at the heart of everything we do. We carefully select partners who share our values, ensuring your journey is not only a memorable experience but also a responsible investment in preserving our planet’s natural wonders for future generations.

Join us on an unforgettable adventure and let’s explore, learn, and grow together.


Environmental and Social Commitment

Steven&Friends cares about the environment and want to contribute to good living conditions for people who make a living from the tourism industry or are otherwise dependent on it. 

Therefore, we choose to only work with environmentally conscious tour operators, who actively work to increase their positive impact on the environment and develop sustainable experiences for you as a traveller. These companies invest both time and money in various environmental efforts and social projects. 

Therefore, when you make a booking through us, you can be sure that your dream journey is also part of the work for a better world. You can also participate by planting a tree and thus symbolically contribute to the work, while creating a unique memory and a personal connection to the place where your tree will grow. 

A successful travel experience should be a long-lasting joy for you, for nature and for everyone involved in the place you are visiting!

How Steven&Friends Works

Step 1

You send an inquiry for one of our offers.

Step 2

We send you a quote, and you take a moment to review it.

Step 3

After conformation and satisfaction, simply proceed with your booking.

Boka en kostnadsfri personlig rådgivning

Steven&Friends erbjuder 30 minuters kostnadsfri personlig telefonrådgivning när du bokar via oss. Passa på att få experthjälp med dina frågor och värdefull kunskap inför resan. Det skapar trygghet och hjälper dig att få ut det mesta av din upplevelse!