Visit Arusha National Park

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The Little Gem that Has It All

Arusha National Park is truly a little gem that offers great experiences. The park has mountains, valleys, lakes and green plains, and all of this at only half an hour’s drive from Arusha, northern Tanzania’s safari capital.

Despite the proximity to the city, you will find a sense of peace and quiet. Here, you can be far away even though you are close.

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resa till arusha national park
resa till arusha national park

Wildlife and Nature

Arusha National Park has a rich and diverse wildlife. In the open grasslands that go by the name Serengeti Ndogo—Little Serengeti—you can see buffalo, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, warthog and more. The treetops are home to the black-and-white colobus monkey, easy to spot with its long, white tail, and the lakes attract flamingos in large flocks.

The park is dominated by the 4,566-meter-high Mount Meru, which is perfect for hiking with its beautiful views. The mountain is an ancient volcano, and there are two famous craters in the park. The first one, Ngurdoto, is a collapsed crater resembling a miniature Ngorongoro. The second, the Meru crater, is located closer to the top of the mountain in what can perhaps best be likened to a barren lunar landscape.

There are several lakes in the park. Lake Longil is the only freshwater lake and serves as a water hole, attracting many animals. Reed islands float around the lake and settle in different places depending on the direction of the wind. The Momella Lakes are soda lakes, each one with a specific mineral composition that gives each lake its own unique colour.

Visit Arusha National Park

When you visit Arusha National Park, you have a good chance of seeing all the animals associated with a classic African safari.


Arusha National Park offers a variety of activities. In addition to the classic Jeep safari tours, visitors have an opportunity to explore the surroundings on foot during shorter or longer hikes. Since the park is relatively small, many attractions are within reasonable walking distance. Those who wants a bigger challenge can climb the summit of Mount Meru, a hike that takes three or four days. Other exciting experiences to explore are canoeing, cycling and horseback safari.

resa till arusha national park

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