BUSINESS TRAVEL - A unique journey to your future success

Do you want to invest in your customers and employees in a unique and different way?

Investing in your customers, employees and partners creates commitment to the company. Not only does this lead to better results – it also creates a good company culture and makes you being perceived as a more attractive employer.

Steven&Friends organises business and conference trips to the most exciting and interesting destinations on a safari in Tanzania. During your trip, you can combine great experiences with team building and important conversations in a unique way. Prepare your own food together in the wilderness, challenge your senses during a safari tour, or try any of the other activities our tour operators can offer.

When you take a step away from the noise of everyday life, you create the conditions for spending quality time together and focus on the team without distractions. During a safari, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the world around you, but perhaps most of all, a chance to learn something new about yourselves.

Invite your employees and your most important customers to a unique experience that creates real conditions to bond, explore and develop. Booking a trip with us is money well invested – for you as a company, for your employees and partners, and for people who make a living from the tourism industry in Tanzania in various ways.

Boka en kostnadsfri personlig rådgivning

Steven&Friends erbjuder 30 minuters kostnadsfri personlig telefonrådgivning när du bokar via oss. Passa på att få experthjälp med dina frågor och värdefull kunskap inför resan. Det skapar trygghet och hjälper dig att få ut det mesta av din upplevelse!